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Welcome to the
360 wedding  video
production company

Our team of 360-degree
videographers and editors
will help you create a stunning,
immersive and engaging
360-degree wedding video

360-degree wedding videos are powerful. They are a new way to explore your special day in the most intimate way. This virtual reality is an excellent tool for capturing moments. Moments of love, happiness, and togetherness. Virtual reality keeps your memories more alive than ever before.


Our wedding 360 VR videography packages are affordable. We have customized them according to your needs.


We offer you the quality 360-degree cameras for your wedding. We make sure you can get the most beautiful moments from any angle.


We offer unique wedding experience for any types of events. From traditional wedding venues to modern ones. We have everything you need for your wedding.


Excellent value for your money with our VR 360 video equipment 


A personal time machine that transports you to your wedding day


Custom virtual reality headset used to capture the moment  

Your Wedding in 360 Live Stream!

Sometimes people can’t make it to your special day. A relative may not be physically able to attend. Friends may not be able to travel. However, they still want to experience your special day with you. Our 360 live streaming experience allows them to have a first-person experience. You can share your moments with loved ones on Facebook, YouTube, choose your platform...
Don’t let anyone miss out, broadcast your wedding to the world!

VR is fun, but to broadcast your wedding live and in 360 is a unique experience.

 Choose from our wide range of VR wedding packages

We offer a variety of VR wedding packages for all budgets


Shooting and editing 360 video 
Professionally edited 360 videos 
(1x10 min and 1x5 min) 
1-hour of captured 360 video footage
Custom Cardboard box VR viewer 
Video formats for uploading to 
Facebook and Youtube channels 
Wedding box containing: 
Cardboard box VR viewer 
USB-stick with 360 videos


Shooting and editing 360 video 
Professionally edited 360 videos 
(1x20 min and 1x5 min) 
2-hours of captured 360 video footage
Oculus Go VR viewer 
Video formats for uploading to 
Facebook and Youtube channels 
Wedding box containing: 
Oculus Go VR viewer 
USB-stick with 360 videos


Shooting and editing 360 video 
Professionally edited 360 videos 
(1x30 min and 1x5 min) 
3-hours of captured 360 video footage
360 Live Stream
Oculus Go VR viewer(3x) 
Videos for uploading to social networks 
Wedding box (3X) containing: 
Oculus Go VR viewer
USB-stick with 360 videos

All our Packages include:
Consultation and suggestion process, preparation and pre-production. Professional 360 videographer and postproduction services. Editing: custom scenes, animation, music, and pre-agreed elements. Mandatory deposit.

Additional services

Video and photo

Drone footage
Videography and Photography
360 panorama
Additional 360 cameras
Additional 360 videographers

Wedding boxes

Additional custom USB-sticks
Additional custom wedding boxes
Additional custom Cardboard boxes
Additional custom Oculus Go
Additional Professionally edited 360 videos


Personal Wedding website
Custom AR social media invitations
Custom AR social media thank you
Custom online VR invitations
Custom online VR thank you 

Virtual reality weddings are always fun and exciting

View Wedding virtual reality videos in any location. With a smartphone, tablet, computer or headset. We offer a wide range of 360 video options. They include live stream and 360-degree panorama. 3D video with high resolution and depth of field, photography etc.
We are here to help you get started with your virtual reality album!
Our team of 360 video experts will provide expert advice. We will show you the best ways to use technology for your wedding.
When you're ready to get started, contact us!

360 wedding album is unique and innovative. It makes it possible to relive your special day in a different way. Can you be in two places at the same time? There is no other way than virtual reality.

There is no better wedding album than 360. How else can you enjoy your memories using a time machine? Witch transports you to the day of your wedding. 360 video allows the user to view any direction of the scene. VR 360 video albums are accessible on all platforms and devices. From smartphones, tablets, and PCs to desktops. Including Cardboard, Daydream, GEAR VR, Oculus, YouTube and Facebook.  


Why use VR 360 wedding?

There multiple benefits to this technology of VR 360 wedding package.

1 -
The experience is like no other in the world. You are able to see your surroundings from different angles. That experience makes you feel more connected to others. Experiences are more emotional, immersive and meaningful with VR. It's a great way to connect with your guests and create memories for years to come.

2 -
Loved ones who aren't able to attend the wedding now have a solution.
They finally have the chance to enjoy couples special day like they were there. There is no need to worry about missing out on the best moments.

3 -
Couples are so stressed and overwhelmed by the tasks they have to deal with. This way they can immerse into their wedding day and relive it from all angles. They finally have time to relax and experience it over again.

4 -
Virtual reality offers a new way of experience. The observer can see, feel, interact and immerse in everything around.

The advantages of the 360 videos are vast. You can have a different experience each time you watch it. Observer views 2D videos passively. But in 360 the same observer has active experience. He can explore the location and events within the 360-degree space.

Why use VR 360 wedding live streaming?

Although VR is cool, its greatest magic is the reproduction of life moments and Live 360 streaming. By life moments we mean weddings, concerts, birthdays, etc. The ability to capture these moments that you can share with your loved ones. In the real-time and in 360 VR is something we've been missing for years. It's also one of the most powerful ways to bring people together. Live stream on Facebook and YouTube! It allows you to share your experience. At the same time, you can let your viewers know what they're experiencing. This is especially true when it comes to weddings.

How to use VR wedding packages?

You will be able to watch your wedding using a smartphone, tablet, computer or VR headset. You will get a USB with 360 video footage which you can play on any device. Or upload your wedding video to Facebook or YouTube as 360 videos.
Using headset:
For Silver VR 360 wedding package - Insert your phone into Cardboard box VR viewer. Play and enjoy Virtual Reality Wedding video.
Gold and Diamond package comes with Oculus Go headset. This headset doesn't need a phone - it's a stand-alone headset. 

Where is the VR 360 video service available?

The service for VR 360 wedding videography is available worldwide. Additional travel fees are applicable. Please contact us for more information.

How to book additional VR wedding services?

Besides our standard 360 packages, we offer additional services. Book our wedding photographer or videographer. We offer custom online VR and AR invitations. Filming and editing 360 videos for events like engagements, birthdays, etc). All you need is to contact us by email or phone.


Imagine Your wedding dance... A perfect example of how 360-degree cameras can be used to recreate stunning 3D videos.
We treat your wedding as a movie event. The 360 wedding video is a love story and captures all the special moments.


The wedding ceremony is one of the most important events in your life. It is the moment to hear and see your partner and feel the emotions of love in 360 surrounding. It's all about creating a new way of life for couples.


You have carefully planned your wedding venue in detail. So, In order to capture the details check out our additional services:
Unique wedding VR and AR invitations | Wedding thank you | Wedding gifts.
Wedding videographer and photographer.

Contact us for a range of options to suit your budget and requirements

You will never have to worry about the angles and where to point the camera. 360 video allows full view perspective. You will be ahead of the game by using this new technology.

+385 (0)91 5211560

360 wedding is an immersive experience that lets you see the whole picture

For the additional information on our services please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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